Meaning one day in French, unjour series remind us each moment of a day from morning to late night. Each of them comes in different sizes.

- matin / morning -
One plate dish with a large cup

- après-midi / afternoon -
For a cake with an English tea

- nuit / late night -
A cup of coffee with a piece of chocolate

un jour
un jour
un jour
un jour
un jour


color / suna, ruri, moku, nami, rainy gray

matin plate (plate L) / h18mm x w278mm
apres midi plate (plate M) / h17mm x w192mm
gouter plate (plate S) / h16mm x w152mm
nuit plate (plate SS) / h12mm x w72mm

matin cup (cup L) / h72mm x w122 x d97mm
apres midi cup (cup M) / h59mm x w120 x d95mm
nuit cup (cup S) / h65 x w105 d80mm

bowl L / h80 x w158mm
bowl M / h61 x w105mm
bowl S / h47x w75mm